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Problem and Solution

Updated: Feb 9

One of the first comprehension skills we teach scholars is the ability to identify the problem and solution within a story. It is natural to identify the problem within a story, that is why people have told stories for thousands of years. Humans need stories, they help us learn major life lessons, explain the unknown, and so much more. Every reading teacher will go over problem and solution at least once in the school year!

Identifying problem and solution is a skill that empowers students to develop a deeper understanding of characters, plot, and real-world issues in informational texts. I encourage you to show your students how to identify the major components of a story that help them understand the problem and solution.

First, students must pay attention to the characters within the text. Identifying the problems characters face and the solutions they discover creates a deeper understanding of the text. This emotional engagement enhances their enjoyment of stories and builds empathy for fictional characters. Students should also take note of the major events that lead to the solution. Understanding the central conflict as the problem and the climax as the solution allows students to truly understand the message within the text.

Whereas when reading non-fiction texts, students must identify the main idea and the key details. Students must develop an understanding for the main topic that the text presents and how this might apply to their lives. For example, noting the importance of recycling and how they can recycle in their own lives.

I created a great set of resources for problem and solution. These worksheets are perfect for review or homework. There are four different types of worksheets. First, students practice matching common problems and solutions. Next, students practice writing possible solutions for fictional problems. Then students have fiction passages and they must identify both the problem and solution in short answer. Finally, there are four exit tickets with multiple choice questions.

You can grab the entire resource here at my TpT store, or you can grab a freebie below!

Problem and solution is a skill all teachers will address this year, and I know you will find lots of ways to incorporate fun and engaging lessons in your classroom. This skill empowers students and develops their love for reading! It is an essential skill that every human needs to help them make meaning of the world around them. I hope you find joy with this major skill!

Download PDF • 1.43MB

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