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The Benefits of Summer Review Work: Practicing Challenging Topics

Updated: May 24, 2023

For the next few weeks I am giving away some samples of my Summer Review packets. As teachers, we all worry about the summer slip. We can best prepare families by sending home summer work. We want our scholars to work on something every day, just to stay fresh and ready for the next grade level.

There are a lot of benefits of summer school work. Even if students practice for fifteen to thirty minutes a day! For example, summer school work offers a chance to close academic gaps. Students can revisit challenging topics at a more relaxed pace. Summer practice helps students master tricky concepts and better prepares them for the school year ahead.

When students practice skills in the summer it nurtures a lifelong love of learning. It can also boost family connections when students work with their parents. Students develop a sense of confidence and pride when working on these skills during the summer, especially those challenging topics.

You can grab a sample of the 1st Grade Summer Review packet for this weeks Friday Freebie! I am giving away TWO entire weeks worth of content. Each week has a set of resources for math, reading, phonics, sight words, and language arts.

There are activities for nine weeks in the complete 1st Grade Summer Review Packet. In this resource, students review consonant blends, silent e, r-controlled vowels, suffixes and more. Students work on sentence structure and sight words for language arts. While in math students review place value, comparing numbers, word problems, graphing, addition, & subtraction.

Try out the freebie and see if it is a good fit for your students. Hopefully, it helps all of your students stay fresh and ready for the next school year!

1stGradeSummerReviewPacket- 2 Week FREEBIE
Download PDF • 5.67MB

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