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Beginning Letter Sound Sorts

I have a couple groups that need to start back at learning letter sounds. Students will never learn how to decode if they do not know letter sounds. As defeating as it may feel, even if they are second or third graders you need to go back and teach those letter sounds!

I love using my Learning the Letters Intervention Unit, this is a 13 week unit that takes a deep dive into learning letter sounds. I use a variety of different activities and one of my favorite things to do with students is beginning letter sound sorts!

You can grab these Beginning Letter Sound Sorts for FREE below!

These sorts are engaging and allow students to sort pictures based on the beginning sounds. Students listen to the beginning sound of each word and then sort accordingly. This is a great way to see which students have mastered these letter sounds.

There are over 30 different sorts that are ready to go! Just print and assign to students. These are great for the teacher table, guided reading, word work stations or even homework.

I hope you enjoy these sorts just as much as I do! You can grab them below or at my TPT store! Happy sorting!

Download PDF • 11.15MB

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