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Bingo Marker Fun with Diphthongs

What is it with students and bingo dabber markers!?!?! As soon as I get them out all of my students want to play with them. I wish they got that excited about every activity! My students get excited just the sight of bingo markers, which leads to lots of engagement.

For this week's Friday Freebie I'm giving away a fun diphthong resource. Students simply use a bingo dabber marker to select the correct diphthong for each picture. It is an easy worksheet, homework, or center idea.

Diphthongs are when two letters are together and the sound begins as one vowel and moves toward another, like the "oy" in boy. Some other examples are "au" or "aw." These are tricky spelling patterns that need practice. This week's Friday Freebie is an easy way for your students to practice these patterns.

We typically see these patterns in multisyllabic words, like astronaut or saucer. Most third and fourth grade students are mastering these spelling patterns. There are no special rules to follow for these patterns. Students need to learn the spelling options for these sounds and then apply them. It just takes practice!

If you don't have bingo markers, students can simply color in the circle or put a sticker in the circle. Plus students can color in each picture! They love any coloring time too! There's loads of engaging parts of this resource. I hope you find it as fun and as engaging as I do.

If you love this resource, I suggest you check out other resources I have that target long vowels and diphthongs in the Within Word Stage of the Words Their Way Activity Pack! You can check it out at my TpT store here. You can grab this freebie below! Happy Teaching!

Dab the Correct Diphthong - FREEBIE
Download PDF • 1.71MB

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