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Build a Word with Greek & Latin Roots

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Students develop a deeper meaning of our language when they begin to learn about greek and latin roots. This helps with both decoding unknown words and also comprehension. Many Greek and Latin roots are used in our language, by studying these roots students can understand new words. Students also notice these patterns and can read unknown words simply because they contain a familiar Greek or Latin root.

Greek and Latin are considered the foundation of many modern languages, including English. By studying these roots, students gain a deeper understanding of word formation and word meaning. Greek and Latin roots serve as building blocks, providing the basis for a wide range of words. When students learn these roots, they can decode the meanings of unfamiliar words, even without prior exposure to them. This knowledge enhances reading comprehension.

Teachers can spend an entire school year just on Greek and Latin roots. There are so many fun and easy activities for these word patterns. Spending ample time on these concepts help students master this skill. Furthermore, Learning Greek and Latin roots also promotes critical thinking skills. Students must develop the ability to make connections between words and their origins.

You can grab a freebie for your classroom below, it is a simple way to practice Greek and Latin roots. Students are given two roots and another word part. Then students simply create a word by selecting the correct root. Students write the complete word on the line.

There are 6 pages in this freebie. This is a perfect resource for homework or an easy station for your classroom. This is part of a larger resource pack from Words Their Way.

There are over 200 different activities in the Words Their Way Derivational Stage Resource Pack. This resource focuses on word parts, specifically Greek and Latin Roots. There are lots of engaging resources to keep your kids busy! Check out the freebie below and if you LOVE it grab the entire pack at my TpT store.

Which Latin or Greek Root Worksheets - FREEBIE
Download PDF • 671KB

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