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Build the R-Controlled Word

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Have you noticed that students are super engaged when they are learning with their hands. That's why Word Work is so essential in every classroom. It can be a challenge to find activities that are hands on but still low prep.

Hands on learning is essential for students because it promotes engagement. It also stimulates the brain with a multi sensory experience. Furthermore, Hands-on materials create opportunities for children to express their creativity. For example, using tactile materials like Play-Doh or clay to shape letters provides a sensory experience that taps into the artistic expression.

I try to make as many hands on resources as possible, students are more engaged when they have tiles or manipulatives. Hands-on materials provide a concrete representation of abstract ideas. Letter patterns like R-Controlled or Vowel Teams can be confusing. But letter tiles make these concepts more tangible and accessible. These tactile representations deepens comprehension. You can grab an easy hands on activity for R-Controlled vowels below. This is a great resource because all you need to do is print and give it to your students! Simply print two sets of letter tiles along with the picture pages and students can build different words with the R-Controlled vowel pattern.

I spend quite a bit of time working on R-Controlled words with my students. This hands on activity is a great way to introduce or practice the R-Controlled vowel pattern. By using one letter tile for the R-Controlled sound it allows students to understand that this is one sound, despite it having two letters. This tricky concept may take time to master, but by using letter tiles we are able to deepen that connection.

When working on this center, students can submit their work in a few ways. First, students can write the words they create into their journal. This is the easiest and also great handwriting practice. Students can also take pictures of their work and submit on SeeSaw or Google Classroom. Finally, students can glue the letter tiles down to the paper itself. Just be sure to give your students enough letter tiles!

I hope you love this resource as much as I do! I think it is so fun when students build with letter tiles. It is a great way to segment each sound within the word and truly visualize the spelling pattern.

You can find more resources like this in the Words their Way Within Word Stage Resources Bundle! There are over 200 activities that focus on r-controlled words, vowel teams and more! Happy Teaching!

Build the R-Controlled Word - FREEBIE
Download PDF • 1.25MB

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