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Consonants vs. Vowels

I hope you're enjoying summer vacation as much as I am! We got a chance to visit my brother and his wife this week. It was a blast and the perfect start to the summer!

I am taking a deep dive into the foundational skills of literacy this month. Understanding the building blocks of language is crucial for literacy development. Students must develop their phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension skills, and so much more just to build that foundation. Among these building blocks, the differentiation between vowels and consonants holds significant importance.

Vowels and consonants are the fundamental units of our language. Vowels are produced with an open mouth, nothing is obstructing the production of these sounds. Consonants, on the other hand, involve some level of closure of the vocal tract. Teaching students this key difference is essential to success. It is one key way for students to identify vowels or consonants simply from the sound they produce.

Students are able to decode simple words by learning each vowel and consonant sound. Furthermore, vowel sounds dictate so much more than just a sound. Vowel sounds determine the syllable count as well. Understanding these concepts deepens children's ability to decode.

Learning the difference between vowels and consonants forms the foundation of phonics, which is essential for early reading and spelling skills. Identifying vowels and consonants allows learners to grasp the rules and patterns of our language.

There are so many fun ways to practice identifying vowels and consonants. A simple activity is to color code words, color the consonants red and the vowels green. Students can do this in guided reading or in centers. I also, love these sorts and activities I created this month! You can grab a freebie below.

There are four different activities in this resource. There are a set of letter sorts and a set of picture sorts. I also included a simple coloring activity, students color each ice cream scoop based on the vowel or consonant. I also included a great name activity, perfect for the first week of school! Students build their name with letter times and color each letter based on vowels or consonants.

Learning the difference between vowels and consonants is a foundational skill that strengthens our grasp of language. It is important to invest time in mastering this skill. I hope you find some fun and engaging activities for your classroom for vowel and consonants. Happy Teaching!

Vowels Vs. Consonants Activities FREEBIE
Download PDF • 1.73MB

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