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CVC Mystery Word Fun

My first graders need an abundance of practice with CVC words. We spend weeks and weeks developing our CVC skills. Routine is always essential, but so is a little fun too! I always start my lessons with phonemic awareness skills followed by letter sound correspondence. We typically "tap out" CVC words and then build words using letter tiles.

This routine is so impactful for my students and they make great strides with consistency. I love to give my students engaging activities to practice during free time or for homework. Some of these activities are sorts or fun worksheets, like my CVC Secret Word Worksheets!

This week my scholars got a chance to have some fun with these CVC Secret Word Worksheets. I let my students complete these activities while I was completing some individual running records. This is a fun and unique way to practice CVC words.

You can grab some of these worksheets for free below!

In these worksheets, students write the first letter for each picture in the box. After all three letters are written the students can then blend the sounds together to read a CVC word. Students then draw a line to match the CVC word to it's picture.

There are 30 different pages in this resource, but you can grab some of them for free below! This is an easy activity that is print and ready to go for your kiddos! It is great for homework, extra work, stations and more!

If you want to try these worksheets out, you can grab a sample below. If you want the entire resource just click the image above or you can grab it here at my TPT store!

Download PDF • 4.87MB

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