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Dab the Digraph

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

A lot of my kindergarten students tend to struggle with digraphs. It is one of those concepts that takes a little extra practice. We go from telling students one letter makes one sound then one day we switch it up...two letters can make one sound! That can take a while for some students to process this! How many times have you heard a child sound out the sounds for TH??

Repetition and consistency are essential for kindergarteners when learning any new skill. Young children thrive in an environment that provides predictable routines and repeated exposure to concepts and skills. Repetition allows them to reinforce their learning.

We must expose our students to any new skill multiple times before it truly clicks. There are lots of amazing activities for digraphs. I love using sorts to help students think critically about each digraph. I have some fun sorts here at my store. A low prep idea is for students to have a digraph hunt at home. As a homework assignment ask students to bring in one item from their house that has a digraph in its name. For example, "cheese" or "peach."

For this weeks Friday Freebie, I have a fun digraph activity for your classroom! This Dab the Correct Digraph Activity is super simple and easy. Students simply "dab" or color the correct beginning or ending digraph. If you don't have Bingo Dabbers feel free to use markers, crayons or stickers!

I hope you enjoy this simple and fun activity with your little ones! My kindergarteners loved it as a center activity. You can find more resources like this at my TpT store, or grab the freebie below!

Which Digraph DAB Center - FREEBIE
Download PDF • 3.77MB

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