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Deeper Dive into Reading Comprehension

Lately I've been feeling the creative juices for making new resources. This year I am working with a lot more third and fourth grade students. I forgot how fun reading comprehension skills can be! I began creating some new activities and worksheets for my older students, centered around reading comprehension skills. I plan to create TONS of new third and fourth grade resources in the new year.

This week I created two new resources for my third grade students. One for making predictions and another for context clues. Proficiency in understanding context clues and making predictions not only unlocks the doors to a world of knowledge but also lays the foundation for a lifelong love of reading.

Understanding Context Clues

Context clues are the valuable hints throughout the text that allow students to comprehend unfamiliar words or phrases. This skill is pivotal in expanding vocabulary in third and fourth grade. We all can learn new vocabulary words no matter our age! My students always need practice with vocabulary, so I decided to create these sweet and simple resources that any classroom can use.

Context Clues Resources

This resource has four types of worksheets. The first set allows students to fill in the blank and use context clues within one simple sentence. Next, students need to generate their own definition of an unknown word within a sentence. I also created 2 context clues within short passages worksheets and finally four exit tickets! These are perfect for any third or fourth grade classroom. Simple and to the point! You can grab these resources at my TpT store, or click the picture below.

The Power of Prediction

The next set of activities I have been working on this week is all about making predictions. Making predictions encourages active engagement and forward-thinking for students. This is one of the easiest ways to get your students engaged in the text. Humans naturally make predictions while listening to a story, watching T.V., or reading a book. This skill not only stimulates critical thinking but also nurtures a sense of anticipation, turning reading into an exciting and engaging activity.

Making Predictions Activities

I have five fun activities for making predictions. You can grab a freebie of these resources below! The first activity asks students to make predictions using a simple picture. This is great for building schema or for differentitaion for your low students. Next, students make predictions using the titles of a text. Then, I create a few worksheets that ask students to make predictions based on a short excerpt. The next set of worksheets demands students to confirm or reject their predictions, another great skill. In these worksheets students make and confirm predictions using two excerpts. Finally there are two exit tickets with multiple choice questions. This resource has a great range of activities, it is perfect for differentiation or you can spend an entire week unpacking this skill. You can grab a sample of this resource for free below!

I am looking forward to spending some more time diving deeper into reading comprehension skills. Look out for some great resources in the new year!

Making Predictions Worksheets - Freebie!
Download PDF • 2.04MB

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