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Let's Cut and Sort

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Who doesn't love a good cut and sort activity? I think my kids might cut and sort over three times a week!! When students sort, they need to think critically about concepts. Letter and vowel sorts provide valuable benefits for reading development. These sorting activities involve categorizing letters or vowel sounds based on specific patterns.

By engaging in letter and vowel sorts, learners develop phonemic awareness skills, which is essential for decoding. These activities help children identify and differentiate between different letter patterns or vowel sounds. This allows them to become stronger decoders and readers.

Additionally, letter and vowel sorts allow students to engage in problem-solving thinking. Students have to think critically about the main concepts and how each letter or word applies. I believe that sorting activities build a strong foundation for reading success.

I typically use sorts that have eight to ten different pictures. Then students sort the pictures based on a targeted concept, like a vowel sound or letter sound. Finally, students glue the pictures into the correct box. These make for great stations or center ideas. They are also super easy to differentiate for students.

I have LOADS of different sorts at my store. There is a wide range of levels for each sort, so this is an easy way to differentiate. From letter sounds to silent E there is a sort for your kids at my store. Below is a description of some of the sorts that I have created.

Beginning Letter Sound Sorts

The first step to learning how to read is learning the letter sounds! Kids can sort pictures based on the first letter sound. There are over 30 different sorts that are all print and ready to go! It is perfect for any kindergartener! Check it out here!

Short Vowel Picture Sorts

This is my favorite sort, I use it almost every week! In this sort students cut out CVC words and sort based on the middle vowel sound. I love this sort because it asks for students to listen to the middle sound of each word! This is tricky, but an essential skill for students. If students can do this, that means they can segment and manipulate sounds in CVC words.

Grab these sorts here!

Digraph Sorts

This is a fun sort for students who need help with digraph sounds. Digraphs can be so tricky and kids need as much practice as possible! Students cut and sort pictures with BOTH beginning and ending digraph words. Students also get a chance to read words with digraphs. Students can either sort pictures or word cards based on the digraphs. You can get it here!

Consonant Blend Sorts

Consonant blend words are loads of fun! Kids cut and sort pictures or words and then sort them based off the beginning consonant blend sounds. I love this one because there are 60 different print and ready to go sorts! That can keep your kids busy for months! Check it out here!

Silent E Sorts

Ohhh Sneaky E! It can be so tricky to differentiate the vowel sounds between long and short vowels! This takes it to the next level by asking students to cut and sort pictures or words based on the silent e spelling pattern. There are over 15 different sorts! Find it here!

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