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Find it, Dab it!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Every child seems to be OBSESSED with fun little Bingo Dotters! Every time I bring them out, students seem to get excited with glee. Well why not take that engagement and connect it to learning the letters! I've made a fun and easy way to practice identifying letters and letter sounds with Bingo Dotters!

There is a page for every letter, so this will keep your students busy! Students simply need to have one page and one bingo dotter and they are ready to go! You can even make this into a little booklet for your students so they can go at their own pace.

I love these activities because they are simple and effective. It also allows your artistic students to feel right at home! Your students will practice identifying letters, letter sounds and more!

The best part about this activity is probably the bingo dotters! These bingo dotters are easy to find at any teacher store or on amazon. These are perfect for this resource! I also use bingo dotters in tons of other products at my site. Check out my site here! If you don’t have these bingo dotters, no worries, you can also simply use markers or pencil to circle each letter and picture.

I love how this resource is fun and engaging BUT it is also an easy way to progress monitor your students letter knowledge. You can check if your students can identify both upper and lower case letters AND the letter sounds. I love to use these with my students to check if they know every letter of the alphabet.

You can find this fun and

engaging activity click here!

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