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Finding Success with Early CVC Readers

I have a group of second graders that are still at the very early stages of reading. We are still working on letter sounds and CVC words. This is hard for second graders, they can really see and feel the gap between themselves and their peers.

Often times they say things like, "I can't read" or "I am not good at reading." This breaks my heart! I know they will get there in their own time, and this week I was able to boost some confidence with simple cvc passages.

These CVC Comprehension Passages are five to seven sentences long and they all target one short vowel sound. Each passage has 6 sight words, so these passages are manageable for an early reader.

I start the lesson by using letter tiles to build the CVC words from the passage. Then I front load the sight words. I go over each sight word listed at the top of the passage. I even have my students underline the sight words and I read some of the sentences with them.

Next, we choral read the passage together. My students are able to do this with confidence because of the pre-work we did together. They finally feel like they can read! After reading the passage together, I ask the students to read the passage two more times with a whisper phone.

You can grab a FREE set of these comprehension passages below!

There are 15 passages with activities in this resource. So I plan to use these passages in the following weeks. There are three passages for each short vowel. After reading the passage we then complete the activities. Each passage comes with a different set of activities that go along with the passage.

There is always a phonics activity like match the picture to the word, or find the rhyming word. Following that students answer comprehension questions and use the sight words in sentences.

You can grab a FREE set of these comprehension passages below!

I also included sight word flashcards for each passage. Sight words are always tricky for my students and I try to find as many ways as possible to practice sight words! These cards are perfect for students to take home to review in the car or keep in their desk for extra practice.

Several teachers on my campus use these passages as a modified comprehension passage for their special education students as well. They like the consistency and the simple passages that are manageable for special education students.

You can grab the entire resource here at my TPT store, or check out a sample by clicking the download below!

Download PDF • 10.11MB

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