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Greek and Latin Roots

As you may know teaching CVC words and letter sounds are my favorite, but I do work with plenty of students who need more advanced content. That's why I love Words Their Way! It's a great tool to help create a scope and sequence for different groups. The spelling inventory is an amazing way to differentiate your classroom. Once I created groups based on the inventory then I use my mega pack of over ONE THOUSAND resources to implement differentiation in my classroom.

The most advanced level is the Derivational Stage in the Words Their Way Program. In this level students focus on Latin and Greek roots. This level also focuses on different exceptions to the many rules of our language.

For this week's Friday Freebie I'm giving away a fun activity that centers around Greek and Latin roots. Students identify Greek and Latin roots using a given picture. I've also provided a great list of Greek and Latin roots for your students to use. It is perfect for their word work journal.

This is a great activity for fourth and fifth grade students. But I have found in my years that even second and third graders can be ready for these activities. It's a great way to build their knowledge of etymology, the study of word origin. Studying Greek and Latin roots also allows for students to decode unknown words much faster.

This weeks freebie is an easy way to get students thinking about the meaning of different Greek and Latin roots. I suggest students work in partners and use the list provided. This will help them feel confident when learning this new skill.

Students can glue each sheet into their word work journal or simply turn in each worksheet for a grade. Either way its an easy center for you and a great way to differentiate for those high performing students!

You can grab the entire Derivational Stage resource with over 275 activities here, or grab the freebie below! Happy Teaching!

Greek and Latin Root Picture Match - FREEBIE
Download PDF • 2.55MB

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