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Greek and Latin Roots Frayer Model

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Many years ago I used to teach fifth grade! It was the first grade level I ever taught and to be honest I loved it just as much as the lower grades. Fifth graders are quirky, awkward, and fun. They need just as much love as the little ones.

As a fifth grade teacher I taught A LOT of vocabulary. We used Frayer Models everyday to help break down new words. I love Frayer Models because it allows students to demonstrate their understanding of something in a variety of different ways.

The Frayer Model is a powerful graphic organizer that fosters deep understanding and critical thinking skills. It allows students to organize and process information about a given topic. By using the Frayer Model, students can explore new concepts and vocabulary terms. The Frayer Model is also a great way to keep students engaged and allows students to demonstrate their understanding in a more unique way than the typical short answer or multiple choice question.

You can grab a set of Frayer Models that aligns with Greek and Latin Roots below. This is a part of the Words Their Way Derivational Level Activities. There are 99 examples of these Frayer Models in the resource, but you can grab 10 for free here!

These Frayer Models allow students to demonstrate their understanding of Greek or Latin Roots. Students write the meaning of the root and provide examples of the root being used. Then students use the word in a sentence and finally draw a picture as well. This is a great way for students to deepen their understanding of the Greek or Latin root.

For example, if the root is arch which means to rule like in the word monarch. The sentence might be "The monarch was a powerful ruler." Then students can draw a picture of a king showing off his power!

These are great for 4th and 5th grade students. Kids really enjoy learning Greek and Latin Roots because they develop and understanding of words. This knowledge helps them while reading and writing new texts. Hope you enjoy this freebie! You can grab a bunch more resources just like this at my TpT store! Happy Teaching!

Greek and Latin Root - Break Down Frayer Model FREEBIE
Download PDF • 710KB

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