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Hands on Learning with Letter Tiles

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

It is so important for little ones to get their hands moving! Students can make deeper connections when they use manipulatives. I love having my kids build words with magnetic tiles, letter tiles, stamps, or any other form of letters. It is fun and engaging, but above all, its educational.

One of the advantages of using hands-on materials for reading instruction is the incorporation of multiple senses. By engaging both visual and tactile senses, children are able to process information more effectively. Manipulating objects, tracing letters, and feeling textures stimulate different parts of the brain, resulting in a deeper connections.

Hands-on materials promotes students to have a stronger and more active engagement. Children are active participants in their learning process. When little ones are moving and engaging in their materials it increases motivation, focus, and concentration.

Letter tiles is my FAVORITE tool to use when teaching CVC words. They are cheap, durable, and easy to use. I give each of my students their own baggie of letter tiles. We use the letter tiles in a variety of different ways, from whole group build a word to easy stations. I have lots of different resources that align with these letter tiles at my TpT store. I simply just print out an activity and each student has their very own personal center. Below are a few of my favorite centers that you can grab at my store!

Word Family Build and Write Center Work!

Check out this fun game, students build CVC words with word families. Scholars simply spin the wheel with a pencil and a paperclip. The wheel directs students for the first letter of the word, then students use the word family to finish the word. Students build 8 words per page. This is a fun way to practice word families. Check it out here.

Beginning Letter Sound Mat

My Kindergarteners LOVE this center! This is an easy activity that can keep your little ones busy. Students put the first letter of each picture in the box. This is a great start for students who are still mastering letter sounds. Check it out here.

Build the Word

CVC words are the basis of learning how to decode and read words. Students build CVC words in this simple center. There are over 15 print and ready to centers that will help your students learn those CVC words! If you do not have letter tiles, I allow my students to write the letters in each box using markers or crayons. You can grab this center here.

Build the Word with Digraphs

Digraphs can be TRICKY! Students need as much practice as possible. In this resource, students practice identifying and building BOTH beginning and ending digraphs. Students build the word by creating the digraph with letter tiles. The best part about this is that students don't need to know how to spell the complete word, they just have to identify the digraph! I love to use this as a center with my first graders, they build it, then write it on a whiteboard too. Grab this fun digraph station here.

Building Words with Consonant Blends Once students master CVC words they are ready to read, write and manipulate words with more than three sounds. This means they are ready to work with consonant blends, words like "flag" and "slug" If students practiced building words with CVC words in the center above, this will be an easy transition. Students simply build words using the beginning consonant blends in this simple station, check it out here.

I hope you find the right resource for your kiddos. It is essential for your students to get hands on with their learning. I highly recommend using letter tiles as a simple manipulative. Letter tiles are very beneficial for students learning how to read and write.

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