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Hands on Suffix Activity

We all know that students need more than just phonics activities while working in centers. One of the biggest skills students need to develop is grammar. One of the most basic grammar concepts are prefixes and suffixes.

The Syllables & Affixes Stage in Words Their Way targets suffixes, prefixes, and more. This is a great resource for students who are in second and third grade. I have created a bundle of over 200 resources that you can grab here.

For this week's Friday Freebie, I am giving away a fun and hands-on activity for suffixes. Students build words using the root word and suffix "-ing". This is an engaging way to review suffixes in centers plus it's also a hands-on activity!!

Students use the picture to identify the root word and then create the new word with a paper tiles, then finally they write the complete word on the line.

There are loads more of activities for suffixes and prefixes in the Syllables & Affixes Stage in Words Their Way activity pack. You can grab the download for this week's Friday Freebie below. Happy Teaching!

Build the Word and Suffix - FREEBIE
Download PDF • 4.14MB

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