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How to teach all of the letters?!

A common question I often get is what order do I teach all of the letters? Often times teachers think we should teach the letters in alphabetical order. We have a fun song to go along so why not follow the song?!

But in fact it’s essential that we teach the letters in a unique order based off of common letter sounds. I love to start with letters like "t", "b", "n" and "m" These letters are used more often than other letters like "w" Teaching the vowel sounds can be tricky too, so I like to start with one vowel at a time typically short vowel "a" or "i"

When you start with common letter sounds students are quickly able to make simple CVC words. For example if I taught "t", "b", "n", "m" and "i" I can make words like tin, bin, Tim, bit and so on.

Many different curriculums follow this method, thankfully! I love to use that Fundations curriculum when teaching my little ones! You can find a bunch of resources that go along with the foundations curriculum here.

I also created my own intervention unit for students who seem to need a little extra support when learning the letters. In this intervention unit students practice with hands on activities. Students practice writing the letter, identifying the letter and sorting pictures with the targeted letter sounds. Plus so much more!

I love this unit because it is a plethora of resources that are organized by weeks. It is a 13 week unit that has over 400 pages of resources. Lesson plans are included along with data tracking as well. I LOVE this resource!

It’s so essential for students to practice as much as possible! Consistency and repetition is the key to success! But even more importantly it’s essential to data track as well! I love to track students progress every week. This motivate students too!

Learning the letters is one of the basic building blocks to learning how to read. It can be very overwhelming but There are plenty of resources out there for you to get started! Feel free to check out my foundations resources here. And my intervention unit here.

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