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Interactive Journaling: CVC Word Families

Interactive journaling can play a pivotal role in elementary school education. When students use interactive journaling they can engage in the new content. They are encouraged to engage actively with their learning experiences. There are many different types of interactive journaling from more refined with print and glue pages to more free flowing with drawings and more.

I find that the younger the student the more structure is needed. We want to find ways for our students to use their hands while learning, but also provide structure for guidance. Structure is crucial when kids engage in hands-on activities as it provides a framework that enhances their learning experience. Structure guides students through the activity, therefore they stay on task.

This week's freebie is a set of some of my Interactive Journal: CVC Word Families pages. These are sweet and simple! Perfect for a first grade classroom. Students glue the header into each page. Then students cut out each image and complete the word with the word family.

Learning about word families is essential in early literacy development. Word families are groups of words that share a common phonetic pattern, usually a combination of letters that appear at the end of the word. When students master word families they develop their phonemic awareness, decoding, encoding, and writing skills all in one! Word families are one of the first times when students begin to notice the patterns within our language. It is a great concept for all kindergarten and first grade students!

You can grab the entire resource here, or try a sample below! I hope you enjoy this fun and simple way to get your students started with interactive journaling. Happy Teaching!

Download PDF • 2.97MB

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