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The Benefits of Summer Review Work: Avoiding the Summer Slip

Updated: May 24, 2023

Everyone loves summer, but as a teacher I often worry about the summer slip. It is essential that children practice math, reading, and phonics during the summer. If kids practice a little over the summer we can avoid the summer slip!

Summer break is often viewed as a time for relaxation, play, and a break from school work. However, dedicating some time to summer school work can provide lots of advantages and help students build upon their academic progress. Over the next few weeks, I plan to discuss the importance of summer school work. I plan to give away different resources each week.

The summer slip can affect any child. Without regular practice the knowledge learned throughout the school year can fade. Summer work acts as a shield against this learning loss.

Furthermore, working in the summer allows kids to build confidence. By engaging in review work, students can develop a sense of accomplishment. This boost in confidence can have a positive impact on their overall academic performance and motivation.

You can grab a sample of the Kindergarten Summer Review packet for this weeks Friday Freebie! I am giving away TWO entire weeks worth of content. Each week has a set of resources for math, reading, phonics, sight words, and language arts.

The kindergarten packet reviews all of the letter sounds & names, CVC words, digraphs. While in math the students review number lines, counting, addition, subtraction, word problems, coins, shapes, & graphs. For language arts, students practice sentence awareness and sight words.

If you want to grab the entire packet you can grab it here. There are 12 weeks of review, that is MORE than enough for your students. Furthermore, each week has over 12 pages of content. This will keep your students busy over the summer.

KindergartenSummerReviewPacket- 2 Week FREEBIE
Download PDF • 7.51MB

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