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Let’s Talk Word Families

Some students just need more practice with CVC words before moving onto consonant blends and so on. I find that word families are a great tool to use for students who need that extra support.

Focusing on word families is the perfect way to develop students CVC skills! Students can use the predictable pattern to help them feel confident when decoding CVC words. You can breakdown words into two segments rather than three. For example "cat" can be segmented as c-at rather than c-a-t.

I am a firm believer in the decodable texts. Students are able to truly demonstrate their fluency ability because they are forced to decode the words rather than guess sight words. Decodable texts are books or passages that contain very few sight words and mainly decodable words like "bat" or "bug."

There are levels of decodable books depending on your students reading ability. I made a beautiful set of word family decodable books that have a unique scope and sequence for sight words.

When using these word family decodable books it slows the pace down. Students practice short vowel A word families for several weeks. This is essential for students who need that extra support. I use these books with my intervention students and have found tremendous success. These are a great resource for special education students as well!

There’s everything you need in these resources. You can find a book for every week, lesson plans, words sorts, and flashcards. Everything is ready for you you just need to print and prep!

These word family books are so much fun! I use one book per week at the guided reading table. We always start with a word family phonemic awareness warm up like tapping words or building words with letter tiles. Then we review sight words and read our decodable book! We read the book three to four times per week, which may seem repetitive but I find that it really boosts students fluency! Plus it helps students master the sight words!

I love these sweet word family decodable books and I think you will love them too!

Word families are a great tool to use with your intervention students, or special education students. I believe that by slowly down the pace of instruction you are able to really find success with these students. Check out all of my word family resources at my store here.

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