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Low Prep Sight Word Practice with the Fry 100

Are you struggling with sight words? Sight words are one of the most challenging topics I encounter with my students. Some students just need a bit more practice with sight words and that’s okay.

Often times I felt frustrated because I would target a specific word during guided reading, but then my students would never practice the word outside the teacher table. I would find myself searching for sight word activities for that specific word. This made lesson planning exhausting and I felt like my students never mastered any sight words!

I took the time to create a beautiful Fry 100 MEGA packet! All I have to do is CLICK ON THE WORD, and poof...I jump to 8 pages of activities for that word. Some of these pages are hands on cut and paste activities and some are simple worksheets. These are great for word work stations, homework, or just extra practice.

You can grab the first 10 words for FREE! That's 80 pages of activities for you and your students! Just grab the download below.

Let’s talk about all of the fun activities you can find for each word. First, students have a stamp / sticker in the word activity. This is a great place to start for students and it is perfect for lower elementary students. Students simply color in the word or fill the bubble letters in with stickers.

Next, students have a sort, you know I love a good sort!!! Students sort the word into a “correct” or “incorrect” pile based on the spelling. This is perfect for word work plus easy for you to prep & plan!

Then students can read the word within a sentence using pictures to guide them. Another activity is a fun sight word maze. Perfect for coloring in! Next, students get a chance to use stickers or a dot marker again! This activity asks students to color in the bubbles with the targeted sight word.

There are a few more pages too! I love using these for homework. These pages have a variety of different activities with the word. Students practice writing the word, unscrambling the word, identifying the word in a sentence and so much more!

Hope you enjoy this resource as much as I do! You can grab the entire Fry 100 Worksheets and Activities here at my TpT store, or grab a sample below for FREE!

Happy Teaching!

Download PDF • 5.29MB

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