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Who Doesn't Love to Color??

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Coloring can be therapeutic, engaging, fun, and EDUCATIONAL! My students always love to color, they even ask for it. Well I think it helps when they can color something that helps them learn their letters sounds and so much more.

I have made a few activities that ask your students to think while they color! They can have fun and learn too! 🖍💭

It is hard to find engaging activities for kindergarteners because they cannot read! They rely on pictures to help them understand so much! Yet, Kindergarteners need to learn ALL the letter sounds. It all begins with listening for beginning letter sounds.

In this resource, your kindergarteners can color pictures that start with a specific letter sounds. Students will get a chance to listen to the beginning letter sounds in words without your support. They can do this activity independently, which is a confidence booster for the student AND the teacher! You can find this fun resource here!

I think that CVC words are the most essential area of practice for young readers. It is key for each student to learn how to decode simple CVC words before they move on to more challenging spelling patterns. So, I have TONS of fun CVC activities.

Students read each word, then find the picture, and color it in! It is like a game of "I Spy..." But this game helps kids learn how to read! You can find the Short Vowel Read and Color Activities here!

Every kid struggles to remember those digraphs! They are hard work for a six or seven year old. So why not make that challenging work a little more fun with a find and color game, but for digraphs?

This fun and engaging center is perfect for 1st and 2nd grade students who are mastering their digraphs! Digraphs can be so tricky and students need to be exposed and practice words with these patterns as often as possible. In this activity, students color in the pictures or words based on their initial digraphs. Students can shade in the words, or they can trace over the words using crayon or maker! This center has BOTH words and picture sheets and it is all PRINT AND GO! No prep needed! Check it out here!

Have fun coloring and learning!

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