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Roll and Trace Letter Practice

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Have you noticed that so many students cannot write their letters properly? This is one of the number one complaints I get from parents. Well....students are on their computers or ipads more and more since the pandemic. It has really taken a toll on letter formation.

Letter formation is essential in early childhood education because it lays the foundation for proficient handwriting skills and effective communication. The process of learning to form letters involves more than just the physical act of writing. Accurate and consistent letter formation leads to legible handwriting, and this leads to clear communication.

Furthermore, letter formation contributes to phonemic awareness. Students make connections between specific sounds and the letter that represents that sound. When students are able to properly form each letter they develop a deeper understanding of that letter sound. If they are able to write each letter correctly, they are also better at recognizing that letter when reading. As educators, we must emphasize the importance of letter formation!

I really believe we need to take it back to the basics, especially in Pre-K and Kindergarten. These students should not be on their ipads...I know controversial topic! Pre-K and Kindergarten students need to learn how to read and write with print. There are so many benefits of learning how to write each letter correctly, from phonemic awareness skills, decoding and hand eye coordination.

Check out a simple way to practice hand writing skills with a freebie below. Scholars simply roll the die and then write the letter corresponding to that number. This is great for stations, word work, or homework.

You can grab this freebie below! This is just one of the many letter activities that can be found in my Words Their Way Emergent Stage Resource. There are over 250 different resources that focus on letter names & sounds, letter formation, and so much more. You can grab it here at my TpT store. Happy Teaching!

Roll and Trace Letter Practice - FREEBIE
Download PDF • 370KB

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