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Simple and Easy CVC Practice

For students to truly master CVC words, they must be able to decode CVC words with automaticity. But also students must have the ability to truly manipulate CVC sounds within a word. To write a CVC word, students need to be able to hear the beginning, middle, and ending sound, (in order!!) then match those sounds to letters. While when reading students need to do the opposite. Students must know 100% of letter sounds and have a strong phonemic awareness.

I practice these skills with my students every day in intervention. I love using letter tiles to help my students develop these skills, but I also created several fun activities for my students to do on their own. This helps my students build on these skills, even when I am not with them!

These fun Write the Missing Letter: CVC Practice activities are great for stations, homework, or extra practice. I use these for homework with my students and I have found great success. I like to use these with my kindergarten students. The font and handwriting lines are big enough for their developing handwriting skills!!

You can grab some of these Write the Missing Letter: CVC Practice pages FREE below!

Students simply write the missing letter within the CVC word. This activity demands students to think about all three letter sounds within the CVC word. They then need to identify the missing letter and write that letter in the box. Finally, students write the complete word on the line.

These are a great resource for students who need a little extra practice with CVC words! This activity practices writing skills as well. I love these pages for kindergarten students, or first graders who need a little extra support.

You can grab the entire resource here at my TPT store, or simply download a sample below!

Download PDF • 2.76MB

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