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Snow Much Fun: Winter Break is Almost Here!

As the winter holiday break approaches, I can't help but feel the excitement in my school. The festive decorations, the holiday celebrations, and all the joy that fills the hallways. In the spirit of the holiday season cheer I want to share one of my top sellers at my store! The Change One Letter CVC Manipulation Worksheets. You can grab the full bundle here or check out a sample below.

Manipulating sounds with CVC words is important for developing phonemic awareness and improving reading and spelling skills. Manipulating the sounds within these words, such as changing the beginning sound allows learners to develop a deeper understanding.

This freebie is a great resource for your students, it provides an opportunity for your students to practice CVC phoneme manipulation. Students simply identify the first word, change one letter, and create a new word.

Holiday CVC Activities

In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to also share with you a few other fun ways to celebrate while still developing literacy skills. Developing CVC skills is one of the early building blocks for reading and writing. The holiday freebie below is a great resource for your classroom. Below are a few other ways to practice CVC words while still celebrating the season.

Christmas CVC Word Ornaments

Let's celebrate the holidays but still practice important literacy skills! Your students can decorate these festive CVC word ornaments for a simple center or holiday activity. Cut out each ornament and then students can decorate and write the CVC word. You can hang the ornaments around the classroom or on a dedicated "Christmas CVC Tree." You can grab this fun activity for FREE here at my TpT store!

Santa's Workshop Spelling

Transform your classroom into Santa's Workshop for a day of CVC word building. Simply decorate your room for the holidays, then set up different "Elf Stations!" Each station has picture cards for different CVC words. Students can visit each station and build CVC words with letter tiles or write on a recording sheet. Tell the students that the "elf" with the most CVC words at the end of the hour wins! Just by calling each student Santa's little helper adds excitement to the day.

Jingle Bell CVC Sorting

Another simple way to practice CVC words is to incorporate the five senses. Incorporate sensory play by using jingle bells to practice CVC words. Students can segment CVC words at your small group table or in a whole group lesson using jingle bells. This hands-on activity adds a delightful auditory element to CVC word practice, and the jingle bells adds some holiday magic!

I know we are all anxiously waiting for our winter break to get started! I hope you find the opportunity to celebrate in your classroom in a fun, engaging, and hands on way! Happy Teaching!

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