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Spin a Prefix & Suffix

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

We all want our students to be able to comprehend the words they read. In order to give our students the tools to fully understand every word, we have to teach our scholars about word parts. This all starts with prefixes and suffixes then slowly develops into Greek and Latin roots.

Learning prefixes and suffixes opens up a world of possibilities for vocabulary. Prefixes are added to the beginning of a word, while suffixes are added to the end. By understanding the meanings of common prefixes and suffixes, students can decode the meanings of unfamiliar words.

We teach students to break words down into word parts. By breaking them down into parts, students can start to identify the words meaning. Students can analyze the word's structure and make connections to words they already know. For example, the suffix "-less" means in the absence of something, like in "careless" or "fearless."

Learning about prefixes and suffixes also leads to stronger comprehension skills. If students are able to understand every word, they will develop a deeper comprehension of the text. Understanding prefixes and suffixes gives students the ability to understand any text they encounter simply because they have the tools to understand unknown words.

You can grab a fun freebie below that targets prefix and suffixes. Your students just need one game, 2 paperclips, and a pencil. First, they spin a prefix and then a base word. Students put these two together and determine if it is a real word.

My students made A LOT of silly nonsense words with these games. It's a fun way to challenge your students to see if they understand the nonsense word by using the prefix + root word meaning. Most students were able to tell me what the word might mean even if it was nonsense!

There are 6 print and ready to go games! This is perfect for a weeks worth of centers. I hope you love this simple word work station as much as I do! Learning prefixes and suffixes is a major skill that enhances students language skills, reading comprehension, and so much more!

You can find even more resources like this, like the Spin and Suffix game in the Words Their Way Syllables and Affixes Resource. Happy Teaching!

Spin a Suffix and Prefix Game - FREEBIE
Download PDF • 1.16MB

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