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Spring is in The Air!

Updated: Mar 22

Spring is here! Spring is by far my favorite season. Flowers and trees are blooming again, warmer weather is here to stay and the days are growing longer again. I also love spring because we are at the end of the school summer is just around the corner!

The end of the year is the perfect time to review previous taught concepts. CVC words are an essential part of any kindergarten or first grade classroom. Any student can benefit from CVC review this spring.

I have created this sweet and simple "print and ready to go" activity for your classroom. These CVC worksheets are perfect for your kindergarteners or first graders. There are two different types of activities in this freebie!

The first is a CVC Unscramble, students have to unscramble the letters and then write the CVC word that matches the picture. This is the easiest because students already have the letters they need to build the word. Remind students to segment the sounds of each word before writing the complete word. This is great for homework or station work.

Next, students can work on the CVC Writing Practice pages. Students practice writing each CVC word that corresponds with the picture. Super easy, and simple!

I hope you enjoy these fun and engaging CVC Spring Worksheets! There are 10 worksheets in this weeks Friday Freebie! But if you want to grab all 31 pages here!

Happy Teaching!

Download PDF • 6.64MB

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