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Spring Writing!

I think the spring may be my favorite season! I love seeing all the green and new blooms in the world. Spring is such a happy season!

I have made a fun writing FREEBIE, you can find it here. This is a FUN and ENGAGING Spring Writing FREEBIE! Your students will brainstorm, create rough drafts, edit and finally publish their writing! This can be used as a center or a whole group writing lesson. This resource can be a whole week of instruction or more!

Students will brainstorm using a simple graphic organizer. This organizer is clear and allows your students to get exposed to the sentence starter for the rough draft. This is also a great tool for students to gather information together. I strongly suggest that you MODEL this with your students!

The next day, my students wrote their first draft using sentence starters and a word box. Students write the rough draft using BOTH the graphic organizer and the sentences starters. I have also included a fun box with key words! This helped a lot of my students, but I reminded them that they did not have to use those words! Let's not limit their creativity!

This rough draft page is super simple and easy for any student to complete. The following day students wrote another draft. They transferred their writing from the day before to a new page. This allows them to focus on handwriting and neatness.

Finally, on the last day the students edit their work using a checklist. This checklist is simple and guides the students through the editing process. Once students spot their mistakes, they can write their piece for the last time and finally publish!

You can find this fun

Spring Writing FREEBIE

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