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The Benefits of Summer Review Work: Parents Can Learn Too!

In just a few hours I will officially be on summer break! Everything feels bittersweet, as a new mom it has been one of the most challenging years of my life. Finding time to balance work and family has been tough. I am beyond proud of myself, I have grown so much this school year. How have you grown this school year?

I have been giving away some samples of my Summer Review packets. Each week I discuss the importance of summer review practice. I strongly suggest setting aside dedicated schoolwork time during summer vacation. Reach out to families and provide a suggestion for a summer schedule. I always tell my parents to work for thirty minutes a day. This develops student's organization, discipline, and time management. This also benefits students when they return to a school routine.

Parents benefit from summer school work as well. Engaging in summer school work also strengthens the home-school connection. Parents develop a better understanding of their child's academic performance. There are so many positive outcomes from summer review work!

This week, you can grab a 2 week sample of the 2nd grade review packet! There are over 25 pages in this freebie! The full packet has a series of activities for each week of summer vacation. There are nine weeks worth of activities in this resource. Each week the child will review a specific math, reading, and phonics skill.

Students practice place value, addition, telling time, money, shapes, graphs and more. While in reading students practice reading comprehension strategies both multiple choice and short answer. Students review syllable types, writing sentences, sight words, vowel teams and lots more! This is a great resource for your students who need that extra boost this summer!

Grab the entire packet here at my TPT store, or give it a try first with this fun freebie! Have an AWESOME Friday! I hope you are starting your summer vacation with a big smile on your face! Proud of you!

2ndGradeSummerReviewPacket- 2 Week FREEBIE
Download PDF • 11.30MB

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