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The Importance of a Scope and Sequence

Are you back in school yet? This was our first week and I am so tired! We are at the start of the school year so I have been thinking about lesson planning and the order of instruction for the year, especially with phonics.

Teaching phonics is a major part of early childhood education. It sets the foundation for proficient reading and writing skills. Phonics instruction teaches students how to decode words, understand spelling patterns, and boosts their reading comprehension.

Teachers need a roadmap, or in the education word we call this a scope and sequence. This is a guide for teachers to follow that allows them to visualize the order of instruction. A scope and sequence provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching phonics. A scope and sequence breaks down phonics concepts into manageable steps.

Having a scope and sequence provides consistency and coherence in phonics instruction. When teachers follow a proven plan, students can master skills at an appropriate rate. The flow of instruction makes sense and builds off everything students have already encountered.

I always love to use scope and sequences as a tool for data as well. A scope and sequence can be used as a foundation. By looking at the scope and sequence from the previous grade level I can identify the concepts that should already be mastered. This allows me to create a benchmark for the beginning of the year. Furthermore, the scope and sequence sets the next benchmarks for the middle and end of year.

I created a series of phonics scope and sequences for K-2 grade levels. You can grab all three down below. I also wrote a blog post for the Kindergarten Phonics Scope and Sequence, 1st Grade Phonics Scope and Sequence and 2nd Grade Phonics Scope and Sequence!

Hopefully your school year is off to an amazing start! You've got a new set of kids, fresh classroom, and so much potential! Happy Teaching!

Kindergarten Phonics Scope and Sequence
Download PDF • 271KB

1st Grade Phonics Scope and Sequence
Download PDF • 275KB

2nd Grade Phonics Scope and Sequence
Download PDF • 625KB

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