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The Importance of Practicing Sentence Formation

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Early literacy skills begin to truly develop during the foundational years of Pre-K and Kindergarten. Among the many skills, sentence formation is one of the most essential building blocks, especially for writing. While it may seem simple in the lower elementary grades, the ability to construct sentences empowers students to communicate.

Sentence formation activities give children the tools to express their thoughts and ideas. By encouraging children to speak and write in complete sentences, teachers help them develop all literacy skills like vocabulary and more. Furthermore, when children learn to create sentences, they also begin to understand the patterns in our language. This can translate over to reading skills as well.

There are a variety of different ways to practice sentence structure in Pre-K and Kindergarten. I love using sentence strips, simply cut up a series of different words and allow students to practice creating sentences. Students can also cut up magazines or books and recreate sentences they found. Another fun activity is creating silly sentences in a whole group, each student is assigned a category like a noun or verb. They brainstorm this word and then together the class creates silly sentences!

I have a super simple activity for your classroom or home for a freebie. There are 20 pages of sentence formation practice. Students cut out words and glue them in the correct order to create a sentence. Then children draw a picture that matches. This is another easy way to practice sentence formation.

Practicing sentence formation is so important and an essential part of a child's educational journey. It develops students reading and writing abilities as well as their communication skills. You can grab this simple freebie below or check it out at my TpT store! Happy Teaching!

Creating Sentences Worksheets
Download PDF • 866KB

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