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Weekly Spelling List with Activities and Homework

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Over the years I found it frustrating that I did not have simple homework packets saved up for my students. I decided this year to create a resource with in class activities that align with weekly homework. Each week focuses on different spelling patterns like "ai" or "ey."

I wanted a resource that had everything a teacher needed for centers AND homework too. So I got to work and created these Weekly Spelling Activities and Homework Packets. There are 15 at my store now! You can check it out at my TpT store.

While spelling practice may seem like a boring and outdated practice, it offers students the ability to develop a deeper understanding of our language. When students learn proper spelling and common spelling patterns they deepen their vocabulary and reading skills. Students also develop better writing and communication skills through fluent writing.

For this weeks Friday Freebie I am giving away an ENTIRE packet for free! This is over 20 different activities for your kiddos! If you like it, you can continue to use these resources in your classroom.

Weekly Word Work Packet

Each week, students are given a spelling list based on the spelling pattern. I also provide a list with pictures to help students visualize the word as well. Students have a Word Work Packet. The Word Work packet has lots of different hands on activities. Some of the activities are vowel picture / word sorts and build a word with the spelling pattern. There are over 15 activities for the week.

Weekly Homework Packet

In each resource I include a Homework Packet that aligns with the activities from Word Work. For homework, students have a word search, word analysis, picture match and more. There is everything you need for phonics work in this one resource! Everything is aligned to the spelling pattern. There is plenty of practice for students to master these words throughout the week!

You can grab this freebie below, and be sure to check out all the other Spelling Lists with Word Work and Homework Packets at my TpT Store! Happy Teaching!

Download PDF • 2.76MB

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