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What to do When Students Cannot Blend Letter Sounds?!?

Do you ever hit a roadblock with your students when it comes to blending? They know their letter sounds but they just can’t seem to blend three sounds together to make a word! I know it can be super frustrating but with a little patience and practice your students will get there!

I love to use my CVC intervention unit to help students master decoding simple CVC words. We start focusing on one vowel sound, short vowel A. Students are exposed to blending using hands-on techniques. I wrote a detailed post about all the components of my intervention unit a while back.

When students cannot blend letter sounds together to make a word, I also strongly suggest using phonemic awareness to your advantage! Students should listen to you model blending three sounds together to make a word. Have students practice blending and segmenting as many CVC words as possible! I lay this all out in my intervention unit with daily lesson plans that take the guesswork out of what to do.

Students should also use their hands and bodies as much as possible when learning how to blend CVC words. Studies show that students who get moving while learning make better brain connections. You can do this in so many ways from tapping your fingers to jumping on letter cards.

My intervention unit slowly builds on skills previously taught. Each week we focus on a new short vowel well also practicing previous skills. I also struggle encourage data tracking. The only way to know if your students are making progress is to measure their progress with concrete data.

The tricky thing about data is that you want to ensure that you are measuring the skill that your students are learning. Therefore, when students are practicing how to blend CVC words, make sure you assess them on blending CVC words, not reading some silly passage with CVC words. The data tracking in my intervention unit is solely blending CVC words! Because that is all they are truly mastering!!!

I love these data trackers because they allow for students to practice their decoding skills and simple CVC words. Students simply read read each cvc word by blending the three sounds together. Each week we want our students to be able to blend at a faster pace.

I know you will find success with blending in your classroom! There’s plenty of resources out there! Feel free to check out my CVC intervention unit here.

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