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Word Family Decodable Freebie!

I have finally started small groups with my intervention students and one of my favorite resources to use are my word family decodable books. These books are perfect for early readers!

This week in intervention class, we spent the week reading Nat the Cat. My students focused on phonemic awareness skills, decoding, and encoding with the AT word family, along with sight words too. I used the lesson plan throughout the week and all of my students could fluently read this book by the end of the week!

You can grab the first Word Family Decodable Book Below!

Focusing on word families is the perfect way to develop students CVC skills. Students can use the predictable pattern to help them feel confident when decoding CVC words. You can breakdown words into two segments rather than three. For example "cat" can be segmented as c-at rather than c-a-t.

Each book in this series focuses on a word family and along with new sight words. I use one book a week. Each book comes with a detailed lesson plan, book with color pictures, sound box card, sight word cards and two word family sorts. I use these resources all week and find great success!

In the first book, Nat the Cat, the sight words are "the," "likes," "can" and "see." These words are intertwined with a series of AT words. This predictable and decodable text is perfect for early readers.

There are twenty total books in this series! Thats 20 weeks of lesson plans for your guided reading table! You can grab the entire series here! I love these decodable books because it makes lesson planning easy for me, just print and go! I hope you enjoy them too!

Grab the first decodable reader, Nat the Cat, below!

Download PDF • 4.56MB

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