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Words Their Way - Emergent Level

I just finished a MEGA pack of resources for students who are working on mastering their letter sounds, syllables and more! This resource is PACKED with over 200 different sorts and activities for your students. This product follows the Words Their Way scope and sequence. These sorts and activities are for the EMERGENT stage. In this stage, your students need practice with writing letters, identifying letter sounds, breaking words into syllables, rhyming, and sentence structure. This product follows the 6th edition of Words Their Way but can be used with any Words Their Way book!

This resource is MORE THAN JUST SORTS! Sorts are my absolute favorite, but in order for our students to master these concepts, they need more than just sorts! This resources has games, activities, worksheets, sorts and more!

I have broken down this resource into categories! This helps teachers stay organized! Each category has over 20 different activities, worksheets and more!

Concept Sorts

Concept sorts are simple activities that make your kiddos THINK! Students need to sort pictures based on categories! I love these activities because it really starts a conversation with your little ones. It also helps boost vocabulary!

I often use concept sorts with my special education students too. This is an easy way to get students engaged and still practice a major life skill. Some of the sorts include eating vs. drinking, hot vs. cold, and living vs. non-living.

Letter Practice & Beginning Letter Sounds

We all know that one of the first skills in early literacy is learning the letter names and sounds. You can never have too many activities that practice this skill, especially kindergarten! This resource contains a variety of hands on activities that keep students engaged. Students practice identify the letters, writing the letters, differentiating the sounds and more!


Rhyming is always a fun way to practice literacy. It seems like such a basic skill but it truly helps kids learn the letter sounds, word families, and basic spelling. If students are able to rhyme they are beginning to master the skill of manipulating sounds. This is key to spelling and decoding.

This resource has a TON of fun rhyming activities that get your students using bingo dotters, markers, scissors and more! One of my favorite activities is when students find the rhyming pair!


When I think of syllables, I often think of the six syllable types! This is WAY too challenging for our little ones. BUT then I realize that the Emergent Stage in Words Their Way is all about phonemic awareness.

Early literacy development centers around phonemic awareness. Students need to learn how to not only hear specific sounds but isolate, manipulate, and differentiate sounds. These skills start with word parts AKA syllables!

We cannot expect a kiddo to manipulate the sounds within a word BEFORE they can identify the bigger sounds of words, syllables.

This resource has a bunch of awesome syllable activities. From syllable cards for guided reading to syllable picture sorts. Don't forget to practice syllables with your students in the classroom and at home!

Sentence Awareness

Students are exposed to the concepts of print through read aloud, books, magazines and more. These MAJOR concepts are often taught indirectly. An early reader needs explicit instruction on the parts of a book and more importantly the parts of a sentence.

Kids need to practice identifying the parts of a sentence as well as writing complete sentences. While students are learning how to read, they need to build their background knowledge on the concepts of print.

Teaching sentence awareness is easy with this resource! Students practice counting the words in a sentence, finding punctuation, arranging words in a sentence and more.

This resource has over 200 different sorts, activities and more! This is perfect for the busy teacher who wants something that is ready to go! You have everything you need to be successful in the classroom!

This product is PERFECT for the teacher who wants something that is print and ready to go. These sorts will keep your students busy and engaged. You can get this resource at my store, just click here! Enjoy!

Get your

Words Their Way Emergent Stage MEGA Pack

Get your

Words Their Way Emergent Stage MEGA Pack

What's Included:

  • Emergent Stage Scope and Sequence

  • Word Work Notebook Cover Page

  • 9 Concept Sorts

  • 26 Identify and Write the Letter Pages

  • 4 Cut and Match the Letter Activities

  • 17 Letters in Different Fonts Sorts

  • 36 Roll and Trace Letter Practice Activities

  • 26 Find and Dab it Worksheets

  • 11 Write the Beginning Letter Worksheets

  • 26 Find and Color Pictures with the Beginning Letter Sound Activities

  • 34 Beginning Letter Sound Sorts

  • 4 Match the Beginning Letter Sorts

  • 1 Beginning Letter Sound Memory Match Game

  • 5 Find the Rhyme Worksheets

  • 12 Match the Rhyming Word Worksheets

  • 12 Find the Matching Pair Worksheets

  • 36 Clip the Rhyme Cards

  • 5 Cut and Match the Rhyming Words Activities

  • 3 How Many Syllables Sorts

  • 7 Dab the Number of Syllables Worksheets

  • 40 Clap the Syllable Cards

  • 11 Sentence Structure Worksheets

  • 6 Cut, Organize, and Write the Sentence Activities

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